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 One of the things I’ve started to notice about life is that as-time-goes-on I’m being invited to more funerals than I am weddings!!


My reason for saying this is because in the past I have noticed close members of my family passing-away one behind each other (such as) the death of my Gran dad and then a few months later my Granma passed-away (which was then slowly followed by other close members of my family and friends).  At the time I started to notice I was going to more funerals than weddings (and that’s a fact). The pace of me going to funerals was running at such a speed there was no time to grieve.

Reflecting, back I can remember most of my days when I use to feel so low but I could never put my finger as to why?  I used to feel fearful, unhappy, stressed-out I suffered from insomnia diet problems and I started to lose my confidence and sense of focus.  While going through all these horrible feelings (unknown to me it was because I did not give myself time to grieve) I just continued with my everyday life. I continuously struggled in silence and covered-up my feelings to all those close around me (while unknown to me at the time) I was struggling from depression.  Why did struggle in silence for so long without admitting I needed help?

Now that I am many years down the road (after seeking help and support) I decided to study hard to go into the world of counselling and coaching which is what led me to set-up DON’T STRUGGLE IN SILENCE

After struggling with the after effects and the pain of bereavement grief and trauma the after effects seemed never ending (after going through such mental pain) I remember reflecting back and asking myself “Why do most of us struggle in silence for such a long time before we admit we need help?

  • Is it a sense of pride?

  • Not wanting anyone to know (all a big secret)?

  • Do we feel we are weak?

  • Fear of making the first step to seek help and support?

  • Or are we just stuck and in denial?

MY Qualifications:

Greenwich University: Integrative Counselling Degree

CPCAP Counselling Level: 3 & 4

CPCAP Counselling Level: 2 &3

Coaching & Interpersonal Cert

Canterbury Christ Church University: Teacher’s Cert

BACP  (member of British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy)

Crusie Bereavement Cert (Specialist training with Cruise Bereavement)

Quote:“Time is the biggest healer”

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