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Grief & Trauma

Grief and Trauma is another form of loss that is not well understood in our society and some people try to deny-it postpone-it or avoid-it.  

Some people become angry, some people withdraw into themselves, and some people become completely lost in their lives and find it difficult to move-on with their lives.

Grief can occur not just after the death of a loved one but also after divorce, separation, miscarriage, stroke, disability moving home or redundancy.  Sometimes grief may trigger mental health conditions such as panic & anxiety fear of the future which may also lead to depression and the feeling of isolation

These are some of the  feelings that  describe the different stages of Grief & Trauma:

  • Shock and feeling lost

  • Being in a daze

  • Overwhelming sadness and busting into tears.

  • Tiredness & exhaustion

  • Anger (towards all those close to you)

  • Guilt (feeling of guilt about t something you said or didn't say)

  • Shock and numbness (this is usually the first reaction to the death, and people often speak of being in a daze).

Quote: “Either way you will find a  way"

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