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There are many reasons why people see counselling. Sometimes it may be challenging issues or difficulties that come-up in our daily life.

Listed are some of the reasons you may be considering Counselling:

· You feel as if life is getting on top of you

· Depression, a feeling of emptiness, loss of sense of self

· Work related problems

· Stress and anxiety

· A lack of confidence

· Bereavement or loss

· Addiction

· Trauma or shock

· Relationships or family problems

· Sexual identity

· You feel stuck or unfulfilled

· Anger issues

· Domestic Violence

Face-To-Face Counselling: Takes place when a counsellor sees a client on a one-to-one basis in a private and confidential place to explore their problems and issues.

Email Counselling: Is a form of online counselling that allows the client to communicate via an email exchange. The process involves the client writing their problem/s and concerns by email, and the counsellor will reply in a professional manner in the comfort of your home.

Skype Counselling: Skype is a free online communication system that enables clients easy access to online face-to-face counselling service.

Telephone Counselling: Can be an effective and a convenient way of getting the help and support when you need over the phone counselling.

The Choice is Yours…...

You can book your sessions in a block of 6 sessions or a block of 12 sessions

(each session will be 60 mins).



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