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Face-To-Face Counselling: Takes place when a counsellor sees a client on a one-to-one basis in a private and confidential place to explore your grief and loss. When the client is facing distress, they may also be experiencing dissatisfaction with life or they may experience loss of a sense of direction and purpose without their loved ones (also do home visits)....£55 per session 

Email Counselling:  Is a form of online counselling that allows the client to communicate via an email exchange. The process involves the client writing their problem/s and concerns by email, and the counsellor will reply in a professional manner in the comfort of your home...£45 per session.

Skype Counselling: Skype is a free online communication system that enables clients easy access to online face-to-face counselling service.....£45 per session

Telephone Counselling:  Can be an effective and a convenient way of getting the help and support when you need to over the phone counselling.....£ 35 per session 


Please be assured that Talking to a qualified counsellor who is skilled in what they do best can help you to process your difficult thoughts and feelings and can help you to move forward.



Adults (Loved ones):  Losing a loved one and coping with grief can be traumatic.   Bereavement counselling and coaching will support you through all stages of bereavement in-order to help you cope with your everyday life.


Family Carers & Friends: Everyone reacts differently when they are bereaved. There is no right or wrong way to deal with your feelings

Children Teenagers & Young People: Children and young people grieve just as much as adult’s, but they show their grief in a different way.


Pet Bereavement: Grieving for a pet can be like mourning for the loss of a family member, so when a beloved pet dies it is just as painful as losing a family member. 

The Choice is Yours: 

You can either book a block of 6 sessions (60 mins per session).

or a block of 12 sessions (60 mins per session).

Please note there is a 48 hr cancelation fee (please cancel your appointment within 48 hr prior to your counselling session).  




Quote: “Your health is your wealth”    

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